Friday, September 11, 2015

The Hope Within

For the few years that I've been a Christian, my life has been a roller coaster.  Someone recently said to me "Stop looking outside of yourself for the strength to carry on and start looking to Jesus...He will carry you through" and that is exactly what has happened.  He has carried me through.  He lives in me and without Him, I could never make this all work from my side of the world.  Edwin feels the same way and relies solely on His strength too.  Just wanted to share that.

Lets go to Uganda.  The amazing things that are happening in our Home of Angels are more than words can express.  We have 7 new little ones since January and one more to come before 2016.  The latest being a 2 year old little girl named Stella.  It works perfectly.  Because we have developed a home and a family, the older kids take it upon themselves to help the little ones which allows the aunties to do their duties also.  They all work as a team and from what I saw this past month, it is an amazing home full of love.  I can't wait to go back in December and really excited that we may have the opportunity of hosting a team from my church for a few days while I am there.

In the meantime we have lots of work to do.  Between working on a website and speaking everywhere from schools to shopping centres, like is busy.  The 700 Club in the United States showed our story when I was in Uganda (link below) which brought many of our US friends into our journey.

Can you imagine being almost 70 years old and having all this to look forward too?  Exciting......

"John's John" is almost finished.  All we need is a paint job and the marble plaque installed to thank the Ames Family Foundation for their donation to build it.

Meet our new kids Lovisa, Eva, Sam, Maureen, Ivan, Bridget and Yasin.  The only one missing is our newest child, Stella.  I promised them to thank you Northview for the Bibles you gave them, so a big "Thanks" from Uganda.

This is our newest little one....Stella.  She is 2 years old and has no other relatives other than a 75 year old very sick grandma.  They both have been homeless and Stella needs to have a home where she is cared for and not on the streets.  Grandma was so grateful she would have a home now as she can't physically look after her anymore.

Aunty Joy receiving the kid's milk for the day.

Lunch time.....Mariam is handing out hard boiled eggs to the little ones with aunty Joy serving the
lunch at the same time.

This trip to Uganda was short but very "fruitful".  I met a man on the plane from Vancouver that lives also in Kampala and owns Amfri Organic Farms, the biggest organic farms in Uganda.  He visited us with his team and later took Edwin and I to see one of his operations outside Kampala.  It was absolutely amazing to see over 1000 acres full of every fruit and spice available for the markets around the world.  The car was filled with fruits for the kids when Edwin arrived home and the children were so grateful.  Thank you Nazim.

Every morning there are chores to do.  Maureen, Bridget and Lovisa are now best friends and do it together always laughing and singing.

It's hard to believe that these two beauties were just recently little girls struggling to smile.
They may be the oldest but without them, I can't imagine. They teach the new little ones how
to work and assist the aunties whenever they are needed.

This is Doctor John Paul, a specialist in malnutrition.  We have been blessed to know him as he
has helped Edwin so many times with our own children needing medical treatment.  Our little Ivan with Kwashiorkor has suffered so much in his little life.  Doctor John Paul comes to our Home of Angels to help him and finds us Plumpy Nut to feed him for his strength.  We are so blessed to have people in our lives that we have both in Canada and in Uganda and will never take it for granted.

The staff, guards and children came together the other night to prepare a big dinner with the Jesus video to be shown after.  Over 100 adults came which was out of the normal.  Usually many children would arrive but not this time.  Food was served, a prayer was said by a guest to say thanks and also for the opportunity to see a real Jesus video in their language.  Three hours later, everyone went home happy.  For those who wanted Bibles, we were able to give them one thanks to a wonderful donor in Canada.

The following is the link to the 700 Club.  This video was made by my church when we were in the early stages of building.

Thank you once again for all your donations, prayers and encouragement.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Slow Boat to Uganda

This past trip was a very difficult one.  Our plane set off to Dubai but had to return due to technical problems.  Long story short, our delay was 33 hours in Seattle as parts had to be flown in for repair.   The good of it was I met some amazing people and the bad of it was listening to their anger.  In any event, we made it and I was welcomed by Edwin, Dolly and Nadine at Entebbe airport.  The drive to Jinja took 5 hours because of an accident on the highway, but all was made good when I arrived.  Since no one knew I was coming, I laid on the back seat floor as we drove in.  I made it without being seen.  I opened the door and all of a sudden I couldn't get out, as everyone flew down the driveway yelling my name.  I will never forget that scene.  I met 6 new children and fell in love with every one of them instantly.  We are now at 18 children.

The pictures below will give you a good idea of the projects currently being worked on and the love and happiness within our Home of Angels.

It was so good to come back to my second home and see these beautiful faces I missed so much.
The struggle getting here was immediately forgotten.

Meeting the new kids while the others sang a welcome home song.

Eva is 10 years old and was responsible for finding food for her little brother Sam and her older sister that is physically challenged.   All her other family has passed away.  Sam is also living with us but the older sister wanted to live with the local leader in their village.  Eva struggled to be the adult of the family but it was too difficult for her.  We are so happy to have them both at our Home of Angels.

Little Ivan is now living with us.  His mom tried to poison his father and since disappeared.  Edwin found him in a mud house staying by himself and we decided to bring him into a home as there were no other relatives. 

Meet Hadeja, a 6 year old child from a northern village who doesn't speak English or Luganda.  She is adjusting well and learning quickly.  At the time she arrived, her name was Hadeja but she recently informed us that she has now changed to a Christian name....Lovisa.  This was a decision made by herself which is pretty amazing at her young age.

We now have 18 children living at our Home of Angels.  We had a meeting with the kids and the aunties to decide on 2 more children.  It was the consensus that we bring in 2 more little boys between the ages of 6 and 7 years.  We will stop at 20 children until early 2016 and let them all adjust into the family.

Finally....a picture of the 78 goats in Malindi village.  We had not been able to drive to this village as the roads are impassible from the rains.  We hired a man to go on a 3 hour boat trip across Lake Victoria with a camera to take pictures for us, but I can only show you one of many.  The female goats are now starting to produce kids and we expect 100 by January.

"God's Little Angels Ministry" were excited to pass out mosquito nets again.  These nets were donated by Lynda and Marlene in Canada.  We went to a village within our community that was familiar to our children.  Over the years they had watched their friends die of malaria and seen the devastation of bed bugs.  They were so thrilled to be able to help them now.

Thanks to Northview church, Edwin has finally been blessed with an office.  A place where business can be done privately.  This office is within the 2nd children's home that will eventually house 30 kids.

Thanks to a wonderful group of people in Canada for funding our new septic latrine.  The men physically did everything by hand to build this and I realized how easy we have it in our country
with machinery.  They have little equipment but do an excellent job.  This latrine will be named after a gentleman named "John" so we have ordered a marble rock with "John's John" to be placed outside.

The passion fruit are on their second season.  When the rains come again, we will have many to feed the kids.  This time, tomatoes and kale were planted beneath which will help the white blood cells in our HIV/AIDS children.

I have been here for 3 weeks and it feels like 2 days.  The work load is heavy but our staff are all doing extra work to help Edwin.  We have been so blessed by these people...they have been with us for 5 years and never let us down.  They focus on doing only God's work and that is to raise these children to be leaders.  The results are already amazing.

Thank you to all that have been a part of this.  Thank you to the new sponsors and to Global TV for airing our story on the local and national news.  Thank you again also to Save on Foods for helping us with ingredients for the banana bread and to our local bakery for helping me bake.  We cannot find an end to our thanks because it spreads across the world with other countries now participating.  All of you are amazing and all of us here in Uganda are very thankful to you.

Monday, June 29, 2015

God's Little Angels Ministry

Edwin and I have always talked about raising a next generation of Christian leaders with Biblical love in a family style environment.  To date, we have taken the most vulnerable of these children, provided them with Agape love and seen the amazing results.  Did you know that Uganda has the largest orphan population per capita of any country in the world?  It does and there are many wonderful organizations around the world trying to help these kids find their way.

When we make a decision to take another new child into our home, we have a family meeting on Skype.  We include the children and by doing so, they feel valuable and are excited to help that new child feel welcome.  I don't know how to say this exactly...we are not exactly like an orphanage...we are more like a loving home.

God commands us to protect and care for orphans and widows.  This is what Edwin and I are teaching the children.  Each chance they get, they go into a community with him providing food, mosquito nets to both AIDS women and to the children.  They are making special trips into the community to pray over the sick and most importantly, they are showing the Jesus video to many in our grass hut.  Did you also know that more than half the children under 5 years old have the malaria parasite present in their blood?  Across the country, anywhere from 25,000 children under 5 years old die of malaria annually according to Doctors without Borders.  All it takes is a $5.00 mosquito net.

We are focusing on our God's Little Angel's Ministry in this blog.  They asked us a year ago if they could do this ministry and we doubted they could accomplish it.  Boy....were we wrong.  Here are some pictures of them in the community doing God's work.  We are so very proud of them.

Maureen and Yasin give HIV/AIDS women mosquito nets.

I'm not sure who is more happy....the kids
or the widows.

These women are our neighbours.  They are afflicted with HIV/AIDS and we want to make sure they are getting enough protein.  For Maureen and Yasin, even at their young ages, to help them was very important to them.  They know that eggs is a high source of protein.

This picture is very special to me personally.  Our girls and Joseph found a woman named Rosemary to help.  She is very weak with AIDS and they wanted her to get protein like they are getting.  They also brought her some sugar and a mosquito net.  This is what it is all about....this and the picture below say it all.

They not only gave Rosemary a mosquito net, sugar and eggs, they prayed over her.  Her 7-year-old
grandson behind watches on.  He is the provider of all food as his grandma Rosemary is too weak.  We will be back here in the future to help both of them.

Edwin bought 50 mosquito nets with his wages.  As many times as we tell him to save his money, he feels God wants him to provide for the orphans and widows.  He is trying to teach the younger ones how important it is to follow God's word.  Each time they go out, they are very excited and want to know when they can do it again.

This is another village up north where the people are sick and very poor.  The Moms were so happy to see their children receive a mosquito net as they could never afford one.  

Our kids giving out mosquito nets to children less fortunate

 Shaban might not have functioning legs due to polio but that doesn't stop him.  He is with the kids every day cutting grass to feed their goats on our farm compound.

We will be building a structure for the kids goats soon.  Each child will have a goat to take care of and will learn about responsibility.  They realize also that if needed, they will have to give their goat up for food but they will do this when the time is right.  So far we have 6 goats with 2 mamas pregnant with 2 kids each.  Total soon will be 10.

The passion fruit are recovering after the draught and will be picked at the end of July.  This again will be given to our kids and the poor in our area.  So far there are 1000's of them hanging.

Remember "Faithful" the cow?  We are so blessed to have Laury and Tom in our lives to have provided the sale of Faithful to put in our well for water.  Not only have they provided water for our children and compound, they have provided water for the community.  4 years later and after testing again, we are still pumping 5000 litres/hour.  This is our neighbour girl that brings water to her family when she can.

We may be suffering from extreme heat on the westcoast of Canada but isn't it ironic how across the world suffers from extreme rains.  God is in full control and we must work with whatever He provides.  Whether rain or shine, the kids are doing what they feel they must do. Edwin and I are
so proud of all of them and cannot wait until we can bring more children into our Home of Angels.
We are waiting for just a short time due to the elections.  We will let you know when the next children arrive.  If anyone would like to sponsor a child, let me know and I will share the details with you.

We would also like to thank all the people who supported us in the past month to continue building and making a healthy home for the children.  Thanks for the new latrine and septic tank provided by
"John".   We would also like to let Thomas know that we are up to 78 healthy goat in Malindi village.  As soon as Edwin and David can get though the muddy roads, he will be getting pictures for you.  Thank you once again for your kind heart to provide these goats to us and also to everyone else who sponsored children and took it upon themselves to help us.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Support an Angel...Provide them Wings

Since the beginning in 2010, people have asked me "What do you need next?"  These past years we have been so blessed to receive the items needed to almost complete our Home of Angels.
God provides....and that is a fact.  The farm compound accommodates the chickens, goats and gardens.  The main compound consists of enough housing for 50 children that we plan to raise and educate.

But here is where we really need your prayers.  The 2nd home that Northview so kindly donated funds for is finished and sitting empty until we find sponsors.  We are equipped to house up to 50 children but until we find sponsors for each child, we cannot bring them in.  Edwin and I would like to find children and have a waiting list like other organizations do, but the reality is, we must mention it to the child and if no one sponsors them, once again they are rejected.  We can't do that.

Needless to say, we did make an exception.  Currently we have 14 children who are sponsored and we have 15 children living with us.  Our latest little girl named Bridget is 6 years old.  She is very malnourished and we felt it in our hearts to bring her in immediately.  If anyone would like to sponsor this sweet child, you can reach me at and I will give you the details.


Meet Bridget our new little princess.  She loves to make a crowns of flowers for her head to look pretty.  If anyone would like to sponsor her, please contact me and I will send you the information.
Thank you.   

Our cookhouse is looking much better with a special coat of weather protector paint on it.  The shelves and counters are finished inside and all that's left is painting the windows and door.  As you can see, it's very difficult to hide this red dirt on everything.

Meet our Home of Angels family.  In the front row we have our newest children with the exception of  Alan in the blue.  I want to also tell you that that avocado tree behind them is my 65th birthday present planted by the boys.

I am so happy to share this news with you all.  For some reason as soon as the construction was completed, my baking banana bread skills fell apart.  We always said "buy a loaf for a brick".  10,000 loaves later and construction completed, I struggled to bake this bread.  I believe that God was sending me a message telling me enough is enough.  The next thing I knew, Willy at Cobs bakery was offering to help me with these big fundraisers in the future.  For me to bake 4 at a time, sometimes baking 32 in the day took me all day.  Cobs ovens can bake 50 at a time in one hour.  Thank you so much Willy to consider it your ministry to help us and also, thank you Save on Foods for continuing to supply all the ingredients.  

Your wondering about the bandages on Alan and Bridget's hands?  They are cannulas
where you put the needle in to administer medicine into the body.  Both these kids have
malaria but you would never know it.  Once caught and meds administered, they are
usually OK.

Edwin managed to get a picture as the kids were coming out of the gardens with greens they had picked for meals.  I sure don't remember being this happy doing chores.  Look at little Yasin in the front.  From the mud hut with nothing to having hope and love, he is definitely not the same child.

Zakia received a letter from her sponsor and wanted to show me.  I'd like to share it with you to show you how happy they are receiving mail.  They treasure these letters and read them so much that it can help them to learn English.  Thank you Hannah.

Do you remember when the Gleaners sent 500,000 meals in our container to Uganda?  I wanted to show you all the dedication that goes behind cutting these vegetables.  Andy, on the right is 96 years old and spends most of his week cutting food for the needy.  Jake on the left is like a fixture too, always laughing and making people feel good.  He drives the forklift, emptying the containers of vegetables and making sure we all have enough product to cut.  Last year 11,500,000 servings were prepared and were sent to 18 countries.  Praise God.

I had a surprise this week.  Edwin bought a couple of goats with his pay cheque.  As they multiply rapidly, we currently have 5 with one mama expecting possibly 3 kids.  He has a vision for every child to have a goat so they can learn responsibility by taking care of it.  Good plan Edwin.

On more thing I would like to share with you and that is, we had a surprise today.  Our new friends in the UK sent us a message that the playground they had worked so hard to raise funds for is going to be built on our property very soon.  They came to Uganda last year to meet Edwin and the kids and measure out a piece of property where it would nicely fit.  The children don't know so it will be a very big surprise.

Thank you so much Rachel, Mark and all the people that participated.  You didn't even know us but you chose to make the children at our Home of Angels feel very special.  God bless you all.

Friday, May 8, 2015

From Darkness to Hope

Our little family of "angels" is slowly increasing.  Thanks to Edwin, who goes far and wide to search for each child, we have recently been blessed with him finding two new little girls.  They are from a village in the north and although they come from the same village, they don't speak the same language.  In time, they will learn English and Luganda and probably have more languages under their belts than you and I.

We are so proud of our kids.  Edwin and I believe that if we include the children into the decision making process, it makes them feel that they are important and it gives them self worth.  We always talk it over first, listen to their ideas and make the decision.  When the child arrives, they have then prepared a welcome program and help that child adjust to a different way of living other than in the bush.  It is very frightening for a child to come into a walled compound where they are not allowed to leave except with an adult or their daily walk to school.  In time they adjust, loving the idea that so many people care for them and they don't have to struggle for food and water anymore.

The rains were 2 months late this year and many people lost their crops.  When they finally arrived, they came with a vengeance but our communities power has been affected.  The roads where we live are mud and not travelled as much, which means it's difficult for Edwin to get to places like the village where our goats are.  We presently have 56 goats and Edwin's father is still planting food for the workers as wages for helping him.  To ensure we receive only healthy goats, they are first inspected by a vet.  I am sure we will have pictures in the next update.

I would like to share the pictures we were able to get and I hope you can see how God is at work in our Home of Angels.

I would like you to meet Maureen, age 5.  After one month of searching, Edwin found this
child in a village north of us.  Both parents died and she was placed with the only living relative she had, her grandma.  Because this elderly grandma is very sick and cannot take care of her, she asked Edwin if he would help and he decided yes as there were no other living relatives.

I would also like you to meet Hadeja, age 6.  She too lost both her parents due to HIV/AIDS.  She went to live with Grandma but she too is very ill.  After time observing the situation and asking many questions in the village, Edwin felt this child would not be taken care of at all when the elderly woman passed.  We want children that have no other relatives to take care of them so he spends weeks searching and when satisfied, we will take them.

Thank you Northview Church

Our second children's home is finished except for some electrical installation.  We are so grateful to Northview church for caring enough to help us bring God's children into a safe and loving home.
Our prayer is that one day a team will come and baptize the kids and workers who have become Christians.

When we started in February 2010, these two men were there to help clear the land for building.  They helped their friend Edwin for 3 years without receiving anything but gratitude.  They are now in charge of 1000 chickens and a large passion fruit orchard and receiving a wage.  I cannot even imagine how we could have done it without them.  Sula, on the left has now changed his name to "Paul" as he has become a Christian and given his life to the Lord.

Couldn't resist this picture.  This is our little Alan.  He loves the feel of having his head shaved
and goes into a trance.  Edwin and our guard Frank (behind) shave the kids every few weeks to prevent any fungal diseases.

Our little Marian is giving out surprises to the widow's children on our path.

In our last update, I mentioned about Edwin spending his wages by helping the widows in our area start a business.  One family in Canada wanted to make a difference too, so they sent money to help the widows plant a garden after their gardens all dried up in the drought.  The rains finally arrived soon after receiving these seeds and they now have maize growing for the season.  Thank you Caroline and Warren for caring to help these beautiful people.

Thank you to the women in Creston B.C. for spending their time sewing 50 pillow cases for the children.  What a beautiful gift....we are very grateful to you all.

I have mentioned over the past 5 years about how our AMAZING kids are always wanting to help a less fortunate child.  This is another example of two children who want to make a difference to other kids who have nothing.  Hannah and Caleb gave up their allowance and also worked for charity, donating it all to our Home of Angels.  Edwin and I are so proud of you both.  Thank you so much.

I wanted to share what our gardens look like after all the rains.  Our passion fruit are thriving and will be ready in the near future.  And also, the kids are getting healthy greens daily to improve their health.  This is just a tiny part of the garden and look how it's thriving.

We know we are so blessed with all the wonderful things happening in our compounds and in our community.  As the rains ease, the people will be coming back into our grass hut to watch the Jesus video and the kids will be able to get out and help people like they had planned.  The sun and heat will reappear and it will be much easier to get around.  I'm excited to show you the goat project next update but in the meantime, thanks for standing with us and caring.

God bless you all....